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15 January 2024

3 questions for Max Pahlow – Member Interpharma Board and Managing Director, Janssen Switzerland

You are the Managing Director of Janssen Switzerland. What focus and goals are paramount for you?

As the Managing Director of Janssen Switzerland, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, my main responsibility, along with my Leadership Team, is to focus on strategies and plans that can ensure that Swiss patients can access our innovative medicines in the areas of Neuroscience, Immunology, Oncology, Hematology, Cardiovascular & Metabolism and PAH.

Internally, I firmly believe that each individual plays a pivotal role in our collective success. Recognizing that only through collaborative efforts in an inclusive environment can we achieve our objectives and make a positive impact. Therefore, my focus also extends to fostering an open, fun, respectful culture of excellence in our team.

What priorities do you intend to address in your role as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of Interpharma in the new year?

At the main focus of everything are patients: my top priority is to ensure timely access to lifesaving treatments for patients. As an Industry Association, our foremost objective is to closely collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure the development of a sustainable healthcare system in Switzerland. This entails not only guaranteeing timely access to lifesaving treatments for patients but also addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by digitalization and placing a strategic focus on education and use synergies wherever possible to be more effective without losing sight of the human factor at the same time.

Additionally, it’s important to raise awareness of the life science industry’s significance for Switzerland, both economically and innovatively. Our overarching goal is to secure Switzerland’s position as a leading hub for talent and innovation, fostering a healthcare landscape that is resilient and adaptive to the evolving needs of our society. We need to be a responsible partner in policy development, sharing our expertise and insight with government and other stakeholders to ensure that Switzerland has the health system it deserves.

What measures need to be taken to ensure that Switzerland remains an attractive location for the pharmaceutical industry in the future?

A particular area of improvement or speeding up is digitizing the healthcare system – Switzerland is lagging behind compared to other countries in Europe. In addition, stable economic, political and innovation-friendly conditions play a crucial role. As an export-oriented country, Switzerland relies on strong international connectivity, functional trade relationships, and open markets. And also from a research point of view it is crucial to enable international collaboration to drive innovative solutions and treatments.

For us at Johnson & Johnson, Switzerland holds great significance. This year marks our 65th anniversary in the country. Since our acquisition of Cilag AG in Schaffhausen in 1959, we have expanded our presence to encompass over 9 sites across our two sectors. With a workforce comprising 5750 employees and contractors, we have continued to strengthen our commitment to Switzerland.

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