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Research-based pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland can look back on a long success story. Their innovative drive has advanced the quality of life and prosperity of the Swiss population over many decades. But as a pharma hub, Switzerland needs to face up to new challenges and make the most of new opportunities: digitalisation, for example, offers huge potential as a source of medical progress and patient benefits. Optimum framework conditions in Switzerland will remain essential for a successful and internationally competitive pharmaceutical hub. The promotion of a world-leading ecosystem for health data, flexible reimbursement models for innovations, and intensified partnerships with authorities are examples of how we intend to actively help forge appropriate solutions.

Putting the focus on patients

Our mission is to ensure that all patients in Switzerland receive the best possible medicines and therapies for their needs as quickly as possible as part of their basic health insurance cover. For this to happen, medicinal products need to be authorised promptly by Swissmedic, basic health insurance needs to cover products from day 1 of authorisation, and there need to be sustainable models to reward innovations. We ensure that these medicinal products and therapies are of the highest possible quality. And we play our part in making sure that the cost of these therapies remains commensurate with the benefit they offer for patients, society and the economy.

Leader in research and development

Pharmacological and technological innovations will lead to rapid improvements in medicinal products. Digitalisation, in particular, will bring about a fundamental change in the way medicines are developed and used, enabling new approaches to be adopted in research. These will create great potential for medical progress and benefits for patients. A concerted effort by all players is needed in order to implement this potential.

A strong economic framework

Switzerland and the pharmaceutical industry have been travelling a successful path together for decades. An economic policy that provides attractive framework conditions has favoured the impressive development of the research-based pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is a pillar of the economy, contributing to Switzerland’s prosperity to an above-average degree. The pharmaceutical industry will continue to need optimum framework conditions in the future, and Switzerland needs successful companies. Political stability, legal certainty, open export markets, the availability of a qualified workforce and an attractive fiscal landscape are all factors that play a major role in this symbiosis.

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Healthcare system

Nowadays, we are living longer and better in Switzerland because the population is benefiting from innovative medicinal products and has access to high-quality healthcare. Yet there is a need for action and improvement in a number of areas, and there are new challenges that are in urgent need of solutions. These include, for example, promotion of a world-leading ecosystem for health data, flexible reimbursement models for innovations and more intensive cooperation with the authorities.

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Interpharma, the association of Switzerland’s research-based pharmaceutical industry, was founded in Basel in 1933.

Interpharma informs the public about issues that are important to the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland, including the pharma market in Switzerland, healthcare and biomedical research.

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