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About us

Vision and Mission

Interpharma, the association of Switzerland’s research-based pharmaceutical industry, was founded in 1933. Its 22 member companies together account for 90 percent of market share in patented medicines in Switzerland and invest 6.5 billion francs annually in research and development in the country. Interpharma is a driving force of an efficient, high-quality healthcare system that gives patients rapid access to innovative treatments and the best possible care. Both in Switzerland and abroad we are committed to ensuring that patients receive first-class healthcare, that innovations are rewarded and that our industry is able to make a key contribution to Switzerland’s prosperity, growth and competitiveness.

Our vision

«We are a driving force behind an efficient and high-quality health care system, providing patients fast access to innovative therapies and the best possible care. In Switzerland and abroad, we promote an environment that delivers best in class healthcare to patients, rewards innovation and allows our industry to significantly contribute to Switzerland’s prosperity, growth and competitiveness»

Our mission

We are an advocacy organization promoting innovation-friendly regulatory conditions, in Switzerland and abroad, that foster pharmaceutical research and development.

We are an interlocutor co-operating with all stakeholders in the health care system in a solution-oriented manner, ensuring quality and broad, sustainable access for patients to innovation.

We are an enabler ensuring the promotion of a social, economic and political environment which strengthens Switzerland as a pharmaceutical hub.


List and contact details of our member companies.

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Overview of national and international partner associations.

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Annual report

Information on our key figures and activities in the financial year 2023

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